FSGNO Honored

Four nonprofits, one from each of the four funding categories of Arts & Culture; Education & Youth Development; Environment; and, Health & Social Services presented how they would spend the $100,000 grant. Dr. Debra Morton (P/CEO) presented the 3 minute pitch on October 26th at the Old U.S. Mint, and Molly Bartlett (VP of Programs)

In post-Katrina New Orleans, Black men lift each other up

On a Tuesday morning inside a dank, carpeted room at the New Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office, Patrick Carter is waiting patiently. At a quarter past 10 a.m., a handful of men and women trickle in, sliding back plastic chairs and taking seats at oblong tables that wouldn’t look out of place in a school cafeteria.

NOLA Dad to be Featured with Celebrity Chef Show

Celebrity Chef Jeff Henderson’s upcoming cooking series on the Fox Network will feature a participant in Family Service’s NOLA Dads program. NOLA Dads, a program highly acclaimed by civic leaders and participants, was recently featured in a local radio documentary. Click here to listen. Click here to learn more about Chef Jeff’s story and New

Valero Meraux Refinery Gives $200,000 to Local Children’s Charities

MERAUX, October 29, 2013– Local children’s charities received a total of $200,000 on October 29 from employees and business partners of the Valero Meraux Refinery, who helped raise the funds through sponsorship of the 2013 Valero Texas Open and Benefit for Children Golf Classic in San Antonio, Texas. “It gives us great joy to be

Families need help in avoiding violence: Letter

Re: “Tale of Two Shootings,” Opinions, July 31. James Varney’s column noted there had been no actu­al relationship between two recent shootings, although the city’s prevailing culture of violence inevitably connected them. We are all affected by the murders. “NOLA for Life,” Mayor Landrieu’s plan to stem the tide of fatalities, identifies five steps to

Program helps fathers stay involved with kids: Letter

Re: “Dreams of his father; Missing a dad doesn’t amount to dissing a mom, ” Opinions, Feb. 22. Jarvis DeBerry’s column makes a salient point. Despite having an exceptionally strong and determined mother as well as a good deal of luck, President Barack Obama still believes an active and present father would have further supported

Expressions of caring after tragedy have healing powers

The horrific shootings that occurred in Newtown, Conn., this past Friday broke the hearts of the nation. Debates quickly sparked about gun control and inadequate mental health care. However, along with outrage came an outpouring of compassion and prayers for those directly affected by the massacre. In the wake of a tragedy, people often feel

New Orleans children are traumatized by violence

Children in every U.S. city are adversely affected by exposure to violence, but New Orleans’ children are disproportionately impacted. They live in one of the most violent U.S. cities; children of middle-school age also suffered through Hurricanes Katrina and Isaac. They are predisposed to stress. About half of the clients who receive mental health counseling