Domestic Violence Intervention

Domestic violence is an epidemic that impacts individuals all around the world and also members of the greater New Orleans community. Family Service is dedicated to helping those within our commmunity who have been impacted by domestic violence by not only working with our victims in our VOCA Program but also with perpetrators of violence in relationships in our Domestic Violence Intervention groups. In order to end domestic violence, everyone needs to be involved.

The majority of individuals served through this program have been referred from the court system but clients are welcome to self-refer in order to work towards building healthy relationships. The program follows an evidence-based, 26-session, psychoeducational based curriculum that is designed to examine issues of power and control in relationships and is based on the nationally recognized Duluth Model. Every client will receive a certificate of completion when he or she completes the required 26 groups. Each 90-minute session is led by a Master-level clinician.

Our groups are designed to keep victims safe, hold perpetrators accountable, and to prevent future violent acts and rearrests.

What’s Covered?

The main tenant of the program is to help clients view violence and abuse as learned behaviors that can be changed. Participants of the program are taught about power and control dynamics in relationships that contribute to violence or abuse and are encouraged to examine how equality in relationships leads to a healthy, nonviolent lifestyle. The specific goals and outcomes of the group are listed below and are designed to be reached by the end of 26 weeks. Additionally, clients are encouraged to develop their own goals to achieve healthy relationships and personal development.


  • Identify goals to reach a nonviolent lifestyle
  • Identify abusive behaviors and patterns of abuse
  • Explore the intents of abusive behavior and the belief system that supports those behaviors
  • Understand the connection of painful and negative feelings to beliefs about women’s and men’s roles
  • Identify the function and extent of minimizing, denying, or blaming
  • Fully explore the impact of violent and abusive behaviors on partners, children, and class members
  • Identify and practice non-abusive behaviors


Every client must complete an intake assessment for a $35 fee. The group sessions are $25 per session.

For more information about this program, please contact the Director of Programs, Molly Bartlett, LCSW at 504.827.4012 or

To schedule an appointment, please call (504) 822-0800