Family Service of Greater New Orleans September Newsletter

Thoman Mann creates pin
to commemorate service

Thoman Mann creates pin to commemorate service

As a special gift to the 2013 honorees of the Ten Outstanding Persons Gala, New Orleans metal-smith Thomas Mann created an antique-style bronze heart-shaped key with “F.S. Nola” sculpted into the heart, cast from his hand-carved original.

The annual Gala awards have come to be known as the “Open Door” Awards. By unlocking a door to their hearts, these generous individuals have opened opportunities to others.

“Hearts, hands, houses and keys have long played a role in my designs due to their status as humanistic icons charged with meaning and emotion,” Mann explained.

A second design – a nickel and brass lapel pin in the shape of an open door with a tiny decorative key – is also available to patrons who support Family Service of Greater New Orleans. All pins are signed by the artist and are only available through Family Service.

“I hope the work I have done for Family Service of Greater New Orleans will help support their efforts and serve their mission,” Mann said.

Tickets to the Gala are now available for purchase online:

Drug Court Program develops evaluative system

Ethel Hill

Program Manager Ethel Hill, LMSW reports an “atmosphere of change” inside Drug Court. A Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) grant has provided the means to evaluate clients for their individual needs and risks of repeat offenses.

“We’re now looking at the whole person,” Hill said. “Dealers become addicted to the lifestyle, for example, but may not be addicted to drugs.” Family Service clinicians educate them on the effects of criminal behavior, particularly on the individuals who bought their drugs.

“Family Service Drug Court clinicians are involved in making innovative changes to the ways clients’ clinical needs and risks are being addressed. Orleans Parish Drug Court is the first in the state of Louisiana to provide a more comprehensive process of providing substance abuse treatment and interventions,” Hill said.

La. Children’s Trust Fund
awards parenting grant

Louisiana Children's TrustThe Louisiana Children’s Trust Fund recently awarded a $7,500 grant for the Active Parenting Program to the Family Service office in St. Bernard Parish. These funds will allow counselors to provide parenting education and support services free of charge to individuals and families throughout the parish.

The goal of the Active Parenting Program is to reduce and prevent child abuse and domestic violence by giving support and education to parents lacking the resources and social support to effectively cope with the stresses of parenting.

‘Shell Shocked’ provides insights, offers solutions

Shell Shocked

Documentary film editor Brent Joseph brought a newly edited version of the film to the Family Service screening last Thursday, which - though sobering - shows signs of hope mostly through individual and grassroots efforts. Afterwards, CEO Ron McClain led a thoughtful discussion of the psychological and social issues.

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